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Full automatic rolling and cutting machine

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Product introduction

The production line of automatic rolling, slitting and slitting machine is composed of double station automatic unwinding, automatic tape connection, rolling, stretching and wrinkle removal, laser thickness measurement, slitting, CCD detection and marking, and four automatic coiling, etc. it can realize wide width, large coil diameter, high speed and fully automatic continuous rolling production without stop

Unwinding form: 2-axis turntable type, double position automatic roll changing mode, 6-inch shaft free expanding card head, maximum load bearing capacity: 1500kg, coil diameter range: φ 350 - φ 1000mm, maximum width: 1000mm, non-stop tape connection, and the speed of tape connection is 10-20m / min

Loading and unloading mode: meet the requirements of docking with AGV, automatically complete the roll change

Roll specification: φ 750 × 1100mm, effective width of roll surface: ≤ 1000mm, circle run out of roll installation: ≤ ± 0.002mm, linear speed of roller pressing: 5-80m / min (stepless speed regulation),

Maximum pressure: 4000kn four way constant pressure hydraulic station, with roll surface deflection correction system

Stretching device: used to eliminate the wave edge produced in the rolling process of continuous or continuous strip coating electrode sheet. Tension control: PLC + low friction cylinder + servo motor closed-loop adjustment of tension, digital display, four section tension control. Laser thickness measurement: communication with hydraulic system, real-time automatic adjustment of roller press pressure, closed-loop control.

Slitting cutter group: after pressing a number of continuous coated electrode pieces are longitudinally divided into 2-4 strips. Winding form: two groups of 2-axis rotary table type 4-position automatic roll changing mode.

Winding shaft: 6-inch cantilever air inflation differential shaft, maximum bearing capacity: 900kg.

Automatic production line overall size: 17500 × 5500 × 3500mm

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