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Automatic lithium battery slitting machine

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Zy750-c600-s50 automatic lithium battery slitting machine

Width of incoming material: max650mm, maximum unwinding diameter: φ 600mm, maximum winding diameter: φ 600mm, slitting speed 0-50m / min, slitting width accuracy: ≤ 0.05mm, slitting edge burr: ≤ 7um, edge serpentine variation: ≤ ± 0.05mm/m, winding uniformity: ≤± 0.5mm/roll.

Structural form: unwinding adopts air expansion shaft, magnetic powder brake constant tension control, photoelectric travel deviation correction control; two high-quality slip shafts are used to ensure the same tension of each pole piece after slitting; angle wrapping slitting method is adopted for slitting, which is especially suitable for slitting after intermittent coating.

Process flow of equipment: passive unwinding - unwinding tension detection - automatic deviation correction control - active traction - angle wrapping slitting - winding tension detection - powder brushing dust removal - winding up

Equipment advantages: the machine can cut the ordinary lithium electrode piece and lithium iron phosphate electrode piece, as well as the ultra-thin and ultra-thick power battery electrode piece.

Overall size of equipment: 3100 × 1800 × 2350mm

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