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Continuous rolling production line of battery pole piece for heating roll

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Zy800-h850 continuous rolling production line for battery electrode piece of heating roller

Roll size: φ 800 × 850mm, effective width of roll surface: ≤ 700mm, roller material: 9Cr3Mo (electroslag remelting)

Roll surface hardness: hrc67-68, roll circle run out: ≤ 0.0015mm (detected on grinder), roll installed run out: ≤± 0.002mm, roll surface roughness: RA ≤ 0.2 μ m, special treatment of roll surface: hard chromium plating, coating thickness 0.10-0.12mm

Structural form: "mouth" type integral casting frame, integral base. Main bearing: four row cylindrical roller bearing for rolling mill, linear rolling speed: 3-60m / min (stepless speed regulation), maximum pressure between two rolls: 4000kn

Pre heating device: Ф 240 "s" shaped electromagnetic heating roller,

Heating temperature: room temperature ~ 150 ℃

Main roll heating mode: solid roll drilling, external mold temperature machine circulating heat transfer oil heating,

Heating temperature: room temperature ~ 120 ℃

Stretching device: used to eliminate the wave edge produced in the rolling process of continuous or continuous strip coating electrode sheet. Tension control: PLC + low friction cylinder + servo motor closed-loop adjustment of tension, digital display, four section tension control. Laser thickness measurement: communication with hydraulic system, real-time automatic adjustment of roller press pressure, closed-loop control.

Thermal smoothing device: for the continuous blank area of the continuous coating electrode, directional heating is carried out to improve the mechanical properties of the metal foil, and then stretch and wrinkle.

Automatic production line overall size: 8000 × 3700 × 3000mm

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