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High speed automatic lithium battery Slitter (CCD detection)

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Zy75q-vc600-s80 high speed automatic lithium battery slitting machine (CCD detection)

Product model

Zy75q-vc600-s80 high speed automatic lithium battery slitting machine (CCD detection)

Width of incoming material: max650mm, maximum unwinding diameter: φ 600mm, maximum winding diameter: φ 600mm, slitting speed 0-80m / min, slitting width accuracy with edge: ≤± 0.05mm, slitting width accuracy without edge: ≤± 0.3mm, slitting edge burr: ≤ 7um, edge serpentine variation: ≤± 0.05mm/m, winding uniformity: ≤± 0.4mm/roll.

Structural form: air expansion shaft is used for unwinding, magnetic powder brake is used for constant tension control, and photoelectric travel correction control is adopted; two high-quality slip shafts are used for winding to ensure that the tension of each pole piece is consistent after slitting; before slitting, appearance inspection is carried out on both positive and negative sides of the pole piece, and the ng part is labeled after slitting, and the angle wrapping slitting method is adopted, which is especially suitable for the slitting of zebra coated pole piece.

Process flow of equipment: passive unwinding - unwinding tension detection - automatic deviation correction control - CCD appearance inspection - active traction - angle cutting - winding tension detection - powder brushing dust removal - Labeling - winding up

Equipment advantages: the machine runs fast, and has CCD appearance detection function, which can label the defective products.

Overall size of equipment: 4550 × 1800 × 2350mm

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