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Production line of battery pole piece binding

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Related introduction
Zy600-a700 battery pole piece binding production line

Roll specification: φ 600 × 700mm

Effective width of roll surface: ≤ 650mm

Roller material: 9Cr3Mo (electroslag remelting)

Roll surface hardness: hrc67-68

Roll run out: ≤ 0.0015mm (detected on grinder) roll installed run out: ≤ ± 0.002mm

Roll surface roughness: RA ≤ 0.2 μ M

Structural form: "mouth" type integral casting frame, integral base. Main bearing: special four row cylindrical roller bearing for rolling mill, linear rolling speed: 2-18m / min (stepless speed regulation), maximum pressure between two rollers: 3000kN

Overall dimension of continuous rolling line: 4400 × 3400 × 2400mm

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